LED Lamps

EST Mobile designs and manufactures car LED headlamps and headlights. In particular, it deals with prototypes for innovative concept and top cars. It also develops aftermarket products for special vehicles, racing cars and tuning cars. Car lighting creation begins with a particular attention to the stylistic design of the vehicle: the use of LED allows preserving the style conceived. The optic, the electronic and the mechanical design are totally compliant to the customer’s style specifications.

Mia Cult // W Motors Lykan // TATA Pixel // TATA MegaPixel

Infotainment system

Infotainment systems in automotive are one of the most important technologic innovations in the last years. Est Mobile designs and develops complete systems for the on-the-go interaction. The systems studied are new human interfaces of high ergonomic quality. The innovative aspect is a dashboard on which all the functionalities of the graphic interface appear. This allows the conception of a dashboard of every shape, moving away from LCD usual shapes. Systems consists of console touch pad, touch projection and visualization systems. These can be developed through rear projection and OLED displays.

TATA Advance Concept Interior ConnectNext // TATA MegaPixel

Entertainment system

One challenge of EST Mobile is to join the entertainment and the infotainment system. So, devices are introduced in order to allow the use of multimedia contents, Wi-Fi, internet, social network and game console. The entire home entertainment on two wheels is integrated in the car.

TATA Advanced Concept Interior Connect Next // TATA MegaPixel

Cluster instruments

The development of digital dashboards for cars and motorcycles is one of the activities in which the company has matured the greatest expertise during the last 15 years. The study of dashboards begins from the style required by the customer and tailored on the basis of the vehicle specifications. The entire electronic system is designed by East Mobile, which follows its development until the creation of the prototype and the production car.

Ducati MH900e // Voxan // Bimota Delirio


EST Mobile studies and develops powertrain systems for vehicles. It focuses its activity on planning ecologic configurations for the drive wheel of electrical and hybrid vehicles. Moving a vehicle equipped with an endothermic engine means that power has to be brought to all the organs of transmissions. If there’s an electrical vehicle the endothermic engine has to be substituted with and an electric motor, a control system and the batteries. In case of range extender the endothermic engine, that only charges batteries, is added to the electric motor. The company has developed a highly efficient engine control unit, which takes the maximum advantage of batteries without wasting energy. While the efficiency is usually from 80% to 85%, the EST Mobile System goes beyond 90%. This is due to the optimization of resources and the exploitation of its characteristics. The intelligent system put on these groups has been conceived for giving the highest efficiency.

Carcerano Powertrain system // Belumbury Dany

Thanks to the continue evolution of LED, the expertise matured by EST Mobile during the years and the strong cooperation with the partners, the company moves along different sectors of lighting:

Interior design car

EST Mobile is specialized in the study and the production of car interior lighting. It develops LED technology projects on request, and deals with the study of an impressive ambient developed with the aid of Lightex, a special LED textile. During the application and the realization of projects, the company is supported by experts in the production of personalized trims and interior design.

Boats lighting

The company also takes part in the boats sector. Internal and external lighting systems for boats and ships are developed on demand. Some examples can be: boat awning woven with LED Lightex, bridge lighting with light sources compliant with the IP68 rule (impervious to weather changes), internal lighting trough creating ad hoc a high-visual effect ambient with .

Street lighting

Street lighting is another sector in which EST Mobile designs and develops ad hoc lamps. The technological and economic benefits due to the use of LED as lighting effect are indisputable. Besides, studies about patented systems for street lighting follow the direction of the beams, use state-of-the-art optics with waterproof and consumption standards that overcome the most stringent European rules. There are many applications in Italian galleries and motorways.

Shops and restaurant

In the entertainment sector in places like stores, bars and restaurants, EST Mobile realizes specific studies and installations based on the customer’s demands. It offers both creations and environmental characterization, and substitution of the traditional lighting with LED. The results in energy saving, quality, characterization and visual impression are clear.

Home lighting

The company is the protagonist of the home lighting sector from a quality point of view. The high quality of raw materials, used for LED and electronic control, becomes an improvement of the optical effect obtained. The products satisfy different demands: an example is the substitution of traditional lighting with products that have current connection characteristics like E 14 o E 27 and traditional lamp shapes. However, these are produced in Full Led Technology with consumption lower than 60-70%, and a lighting capacity which is higher than 5-6 times under a condition of equal power. Another example is the study of a home environment (also with the aid of the partner’s architecture) with diffused RGB, in order to obtain an involving aesthetic result. In the end, the company offers the use of chromo therapy through certified specific colours and transitions.