Advance Interior Concept ConnectNext

The challenge of TATA and its research and development department is a complex HMI (Human Machine Interface) system. Presented for the first time during the Delhi Auto Expo in February 2014, it consists of a series of rear projecting touch screens, a panel for intuitive control, game console, multimedia and videoconference. tata-advace

Entertainment on the go.

On-the-go entertainment. The vehicle has 5 seats with a high technological impact, the driver takes access to the central display, which commands all (and not only) the vehicle functions. This display is connected through Wi-Fi: the driver can go on the Internet and see e-mail. The driver can also use the click wheel control without distractions. The passenger seat has a display dedicated to multimedia, social network, internet, email and movie. The seat behind the passenger has a similar display, but with this videoconferences can be made thanks to the integrated camera. Behind the driver there is a game console. The car is equipped with a manoeuvring system and augmented reality parking: it has not mirrors but real cameras, through which imagines are projected in the rear mirror! The navigator is supported by augmented reality and projects the road to drive on the windscreen in a dedicated space.



The click wheel control is an intuitive touch panel that commands the vehicle central system: in this way the driver can drive the car without distractions.

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    Advance Interior Concept ConnectNext
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